Die and Be Reborn Again


Die and Be Reborn Again: Prof. Oddfellow’s Clockwork Remix Resurrected by Gary Barwin
(McBride, Conley, Barwin)

Original Artist: Abbi Spinner McBride
Remix: Prof. Oddfellow and Gary Barwin

This is a clockwork remix of magician Abbi Spinner McBride’s “Die and Be Reborn Again,” further transmogrified by the celebrated poet Gary Barwin. The original song features the line, “Like the phoenix and the grain king, like the sun god and the moon queen: die and be reborn again, die and be reborn.” Before the invention of MIDI, programmed music required meticulously timed Grandfather clocks, and every performance ticked at 60 bpm. In the tradition of the original “old school,” this clockwork remix features vintage timepieces.

Composer Abbi Spinner McBride is a High Priestess of the Family of Fire, a renowned fire-circle facilitator, dancer, singer, and magician. Remixer Gary Barwin has a PhD. in music composition and is a celebrated poet and novelist. Remixer Craig Conley is an eccentric scholar, esotericist, and author of dozens of strange and unusual references.

Abbi Spinner McBride, Prof. Oddfellow, and Gary Barwin
Abbi Spinner McBride, Prof. Oddfellow, and Gary Barwin

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