Antiquity Broke


Antiquity Broke

About the metamorphic process of death and an attempt to understand the bridge between the here and now and the afterlife through magick. She starts the fire and opens her book whose very pages are culled and reborn from the Tree of Life.

Produced and programmed by bryan.alka, lyrics and vocal elements by Todd Steponick.


Alka translates frequencies into moods. A blending (and bending) of electronic styles, his output has been variously described over the years as IDM, Ambient, Occultronica, and Witch-Glitch. Alka’s production process is akin to an alchemical experiment, directly and indirectly incorporating esoteric practices adapted for musical creation. The result is simultaneously vast enough for wide open spaces and/or condensed urban settings. It is the place where lucidity and obscurity meet.


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