Confession Remix


Confession Remix
(Radio Free Clear Light)

Three old women
at an agreed upon time.
They all have secrets,
but only one is willing to speak,
“I am One Star
in the company of Stars.
All fire we have created,
and to us it shall return.
I confess this life eternal.
It was, and is,
and is to come.. ”
A train passes
beyond the open window,
None of the women can see
the graffiti covered boxcars slithering by.
Secret writing, incantations, and sigils,
angular letters in black and white,
broken and reformed.
Never again
will the train pass by,
never again will the train pass by,
never again
will the women meet.


Radio Free Clear Light is a collective of artists devoted to experimental, electro-acoustic improvisation music as a collaborative mystical practice. Our approach draws its inspiration from Thelemic and Discordian thought, and other schools of esoteric wisdom. We use digital and analog electronics, found sound sources, vocals and a variable set of traditional musical instruments in an improvisational process that yields results as eerie as they are sublime. Stylistically speaking, our output contains elements of dark ambient, industrial, dub, IDM, minimalism, noise, shamanic and psychedelic musics, drones and free jazz.

Central to our philosophy is that all people are musicians, whether or not they believe themselves to be. It is our intent to create spaces of musical freedom where all people are participants, actively creating the unique and changing soundscape with their presence and sustained attention. In this way, the music created is always site-specific, altered each moment by the environment and musical contributions of the those in attendance.

Radio Free Clear Light

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