Summary for the month of Sept 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for September, 2017.

The deadline for submissions to both Odd Order and Hermetic Library anthologies has passed! Now I’m getting submissions sorted and will start work on cogent playlists. The library anthology will release in December, as usual. I’ll release the Odd Order anthology in the next month or so, as soon as it is ready.

I’ve been posting videos and streaming a lot this month as Rigaroga on the Odd Order channel. My schedule has been to stream around noon, my time on Wednesday-Saturday. Sunday I’ve been recording my solo RPG video, and then Monday and Tuesday I’ve been using to work on other things.

I mentioned that each Sunday, I’ve been doing a lot with solo RPG sessions, though I’d be cool to also be part of a weekly game or two, but I’ll keep at it either way. I’m uploading the next three videos right now, which will post through the rest of the month; and, wow, right now Take is not in a good place! We’ll have to see in another session whether he survives or not!

My streaming quality isn’t great, but that’s main because I’m playing and streaming from my iMac, and it’s just having trouble keeping up. It’d be nice to have a streaming PC to increase the quality, as well as be something I can play Windows-only games on without having to use emulation. But, can’t afford it. I’ll do the best I can with what I’ve got until I can do better with more!

Also, posting new book reviews has been a thing. I’ve also started to post more asides, links to the random stuff I’ve run across, but I thought might be of interest.

Lots of activity on my personal blog, including lots of images of my cats, and over at the library to check out as well.

I’ve actually got a lot queued up to post, literally a daily post through the entire month of October already. I’m going to start thinking about posting twice a day now! Also, look at how many posts there were this month! It may be time to start weekly summaries soon, I think, if things keep escallating.

Oh, yeah, and, one more thing! I’ve been rolling out new logos for Rigaroga and Odd Order! So, check those out!

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Here’s a summary of posts on the blog from last month