Quartz Crystal Whistle of Double Time

I created this Quartz Crystal Whistle of Double Time for my character Take to use in the Yanking on Glorious Leader’s Chain scenario, as a follow-up to the Biscuits and Grave-y, both let’s play videos which you can watch on my video channel.

This is a new Loot item for Runehammer Games’ Index Card RPG Core you might find useful.

Quartz Crystal Whistle of Double Time

This is a whistle made of quartz crystal.

When blowing on the whistle, one can take 2 Actions per Turn, or take an Action even after a dash Move to Far. However, it makes noise, as a whistle does. That means no stealth while using it, and anyone within hearing distance will be alerted to the user’s presence.

You may want to add a Spell Burn die to balance the benefit of this device for each turn it is used, to account for the user’s hyperventilation and recovery.

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