Cthulhu Christmas Cards

Cthulhu Christmas Cards is a crowdfunding effort by Auroch Digital.

Christmas is fast approaching; so what better way to share festivities than blasphemous, eldritch cards that scream, ‘Happy Holidays!’

As the evenings draw in and the seasons turn towards the end of the year, looming on the horizon is the ghost of Christmas future. We thought that this year we’d like to send an assortment of Mythos themed Christmas Cards to the special (and not so special) people in our lives. Then we thought; let’s print them up and let others send these blasphemous greetings, too. Then we remembered we live in a market-based economy and we need a bunch of monies to do just that. Then we thought; hey we found a bunch of like-minded crazy-but-fun peoples on the Internets last year – let ask them if they want to go in and help us print off these amazing designs!

Ah, Christmas! Whether for you it is a time for celebration with friends and family or a bah humbug chore to be endured, what we can all agree on this festive season is the inevitability of death. So with the nameless void that awaits us all in mind, we thought what better way to blow a raspberry at oblivion than with humorous images and text printed on pulped dead tree! Our crack team of artists have created six amazing designs and we’re champing at the bit to click ‘send’ and whizz them off to the printers. That’s where you fellow cultists come in; with your support we can make this modest yet not-modest goal of eldritch greetings cards flying through the post a reality.