Summary for the week ending Nov 12, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending November 12th, 2017.

I finally got to record the first parts of that new series leading up to Ghost Mountain I’ve been wanting to start, so look for that series in a Weird West setting to post on Saturdays, starting on the 18th! I’m about, I figure, 1/3 of the way through the moments of the scenario, so there’s more to record later, but I did manage to get things going. Strange problems with my editing software crashing, so I had to use a different machine. All kinds of gremlins involved in trying to start this one up!

I’m looking forward to checking out the actual Worlds book when it comes out, and then I’ll have more ideas for how the series develops. But that’s the fourth series of solo roleplaying! My schedule is sure getting busy with recording, producing and uploading these things. I’ve actually started a spreadsheet with my schedule for all of them to help keep track.

Welp. I’ll keep on going until I can’t anymore!

I’m also getting ready to upgrade my machine to macOS High Sierra. I know that some of my software will break, which will hurt my pocketbook to upgrade those even if the OS is a free upgrade. But, I’m hoping that will help with some of the crashing I’ve been having lately. The crashes are happening with software that’s recently been updated to work with the new OS version, so I suspect that there’s something nasty going on where it fails due to being on the older OS, even though it is supposed to be compatible.

I created a Parallels VM with macOS Sierra on it so I can install software versions that don’t work under High Sierra, but I’ll have to upgrade some stuff. For example, my version of OmniGraffle, which I’ve been using to do the virtual tabletop for all my roleplaying videos, is going to have to be upgraded. I don’t think I can afford the professional version this time, so I’ll have to use professional on the VM and the regular version on my actual box.

Still, free OS upgrades always end up being so expensive!

But, one does as one must needs do. And, I click the upgrade button right after I’ve finished posting this weekly summary … wish me luck. Yikes.

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