ICRPG The Horde of Haghu, Part 5

You know, for a centuries-lost and hidden tower, there sure are a lot of bloated corpses with maps around here.

This is a play session set in Nehwyreve, which is, with apologies to the memory of Fritz Leiber and his fans everywhere, an alternate-universe Nehwon, using the Index Card RPG Core system. I play a team of four companions (Rot, Ire, Ick, and Nit) through this scenario which I’ve adapted from The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi by Carl Smith.

The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi is from CA1: Swords of the Undercity, a module set in Lankhmar: City of Adventure, from TSR, Inc, circa 1985

Index Card RPG Core Set from Runehammer Games

Index Card RPG Vol 1

Index Card RPG Vol 2

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