Soundscapes from the Underground

Soundscapes from the Underground, presented by Ratking, written & produced by Satyr Productions, is a new release that may be of interest.

Hear me, Paladins! Come hither, mighty Barbarians! Eyes to me, Rangers, Rogues, Priests, and Mages! Tary, please, and stay with me a while as I play for you a melody of subterranean adventure. The sounds of underground seas teaming with vicious finned and many-teethed water beasts. Moaning stones that reflect the sounds of dwarven craft, deep Stygian voids which obscure the most terrible and unmentionable of dark and evil things, and the muted, grating sound of chains being drug across the craggy jagged floors of some unseeable, unknowable depth. Close your eyes and do your best to keep your wits as I sing to you the Soundscapes of the Underground.

This 36-track album contains over 10-hours of enemy-, mood-, and location-specific music meant to enhance your underground campaigns and immerse your players in the game. Written and Produced entirely by Satyr Productions and released in partnership with Rat King Games, this first foray into tabletop gaming music is intended to be the first of many and is offered to the fantasy role-playing community as proof we can deliver some of the best sound in the business. If well-received, more will follow. Enjoy!

A NOTE ON USE: If you’re a streamer and you want to use this music in your game, we only request that you credit us. We repeat: if you buy this album, you can use it to make other things. There are SOME very reasonable restrictions. They are outlined in the license agreement included in your purchase. Please read it.

The Astronaut and the Quarter

At some point in the 80s, I was somewhere in Florida, and a dude gave me a quarter to play a Lunar Lander arcade game …

I was in Florida to watch a space shuttle launch. We’d stopped at some gas station and in the mini shop there was an actual Lunar Lander arcade cabinet.

I totally pretended everything was fine (I was trying to impress a girl there) as I completely botched my landing, and crashed.

This guy tried to warn me I was coming in too fast. Well, he would know because he turned out to be an actual astronaut.

He asked me if I recognized him, and I had to admit that I did not. I apologized. He said that he probably wouldn’t remember him either, though he was one of the few who went to the moon. Even now, I cannot for the life of me remember which astronaut this was that I met that day.

Not my finest day in the space program, I can tell you with certainty.

When I admitted to the guy he was right, but I was trying to cover because of the girl there, he seemed very understanding even though I just killed myself and some of his friends by slamming into the surface of the moon.

But, not understanding enough to give me another quarter, darn it.

Originally posted on my personal blog at The Astronaut and the Quarter

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Oasis of the White Palm

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Adventure Module, Oasis of the White Palm by Philip Meyers and Tracy Hickman, module I4, Adventure Module for Character Levels 6-8, from TSR Hobbies, circa 1983 “The second module in the Desert of Desolation Series.” “The wind rises, and out of the darkened sky comes a bolt of lightning. … What terrible new power have you unleashed?”

ICRPG The Horde of Haghu, Part 8

Leaving the once-lost tower, the party meets the actual horde for the first time in the alt-Lankhmar of ICRPG The Horde of Haghu!

This is a play session set in Nehwyreve, which is, with apologies to the memory of Fritz Leiber and his fans everywhere, an alternate-universe Nehwon, using the Index Card RPG Core system. I play a team of four companions (Rot, Ire, Ick, and Nit) through this scenario which I’ve adapted from The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi by Carl Smith.

The Secret of Urgaan of Angarngi is from CA1: Swords of the Undercity, a module set in Lankhmar: City of Adventure, from TSR, Inc, circa 1985

Index Card RPG Core Set from Runehammer Games

Index Card RPG Vol 1

Index Card RPG Vol 2

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Puppygames is awesome and still alive

Puppygames is one of those developers that I’ve been following for a very long, long time. They’ve made some really awesome games, like Ultratron, Titan Attacks!, Droid Assault, and Revenge of the Titans.

I recently wondered what they were up to, as I hadn’t heard anything for a while; and it turns out they are working on two games, Basingstroke (“a tense and brutal roguelike that mixes stealth and arcade action”) and Battledroid (“a unique free-to-play, massively-multiplayer, asynchronous online … game of conquest, strategy and iteration.”), supported by a patronage campaign.

You should check out Puppygames and consider supporting their campaign as they work on their next two games.