ICRPG Worlds and Maps

ICRPG Worlds from Runehammer Games was just released.

I helped provide feedback and copyediting for some of this book, so I got a sneak peek at it already. There’s a lot of cool new material to expand on existing Index Card RPG settings, Alfheim and Warp Shell, but this book also includes the entirely new weird west setting, Ghost Mountain. Some of that will be useful no matter what setting you use at your table, but there’s also Advanced Character options with some really fun and interesting Milestone Paths, essentially talent trees, for you to consider adding too.

I recommend the PDF version, which will include updates to the text over time, as was also true for the Index Card RPG Core Set, but there’s also hardcover and softcover if you’re really set on getting the book in print as it is initially released. If you go for the print version, I believe would be making a mistake if you didn’t grab the PDF bundle so you do get future updates.

ICRPG Worlds


The long-awaited, fan-built, campaign play tested companion to the best-selling INDEX CARD RPG Core Set is jam packed with adventures, maps, monsters, lore, equipment, and dungeons!

THREE COMPLETE SETTINGS cover fantasy, epic science fiction, and the supernatural fun of the weird west.

ALFHEIM: 16 complete kingdoms with maps, dungeons, travel conditions, monsters and friendly NPCs to run your giant fantasy sandbox game.

WARP SHELL: 36 complete adventure concepts, with encounters, power armor rules, monsters, one-shots and full campaigns.

GHOST MOUNTAIN: An expansive campaign story with all new character classes, equipment, LOOT table, monsters, conditions, and firearm rules. Replace your dice with a poker deck and get ready to bleed, because the weird west is a deadly place.

GIGANTIC MAPS: Your WORLDS purchase includes three enormous world maps (JPG FORMAT) that can be printed as big as your entire gaming table. Hundreds of locations and hidden details to discover. If you’d like professionally printed map posters, check out the WORLDS POSTER PACK.

ADVANCED CHARACTERS: For players, WORLDS includes an all new system called MILESTONE PATHS to get that long-term, customizable character progression we all know from other games. Mix and match PATHS to create a unique build for your class, and give your characters that deep, long-term growth you crave.

There is also ICRPG WORLDS Map Posters newly released.

This includes three maps, one for each of the settings in Worlds, on glossy 12″x18″ sheets.