Summary for the week ending Jul 22, 2018

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending July 22, 2018.

This last week I was on the struggle-bus trying to figure out technical issues. First, my machine kept powering down randomly. I thought I’d detected some patterns, but kept ruling things out. Not OS version, not current application, not a startup application, or anything else. Burn the candle at both ends and when the flame goes out somewhere in the middle then there is the fault. I ended up thinking that I might have a power issue, either in the power supply or in the actual supply from the wall. Strange to hope that there’s something wrong with the house wiring or the power to the neighborhood, but in many ways those faults would be better than having to replace the power supply in my machine; an out-of-warranty iMac all-in-one, with the nearest service center several towns away. So, I ordered a new UPS. To be fair, either way, I figured, I’ve been needing one anyway. There’s lots of thunderstorms here too, so I need one even more than I have before. Well, I’ve been running on the UPS for several days and, crossing my fingers, I have not yet had another power down issue. Solved? I don’t know, but I’m hoping.


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Then, on Saturday, the Murphy corollary that covers streamers and technology kicked in, and for some reason I couldn’t get audio to route from the Discord app to OBS anymore even though I’d not changed any settings … other than restoring the OS from backup, re-upgrading, and doing all kinds of things like that … um. Yeah. Anyhow: What. the. hell. So, for the Spelljammer game I had to resort to using Discord in a browser, which meant that push-to-talk on worked when the browser tab with Discord in it had focus. Oy! I survived, for the most part, but of course there were times I didn’t manage to get the focus correct and audio levels were not ideal. Oh, well. It’s not like that sort of thing is unexpected. Seriously. Streaming is the most technical-fault producing activity I’ve ever engaged in. The gremlins love to play tricks on streamers.

Anyhow, my machine was turned off for most of the week, as I just didn’t want to have something else go wrong, or for one of the power down events to damage something more than was already wrong.

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