Summary for the month of January 2019

Here’s a summary of activity for the month of January 2019.

Finally got back to streaming, and started a couple new, hopefully, ongoing series. Honestly, it has been hard to stay motivated, and I’ve not been streaming as often, or regularly, as I had been before. But, I keep on keeping on, as one does … just slowly, irregularly.

My experiment with streaming, late last year, directly from an Nvidia Shield TV has been a disappointment, and so I’ve not been using that. I still have some hope that I’ll find a way to make it work, but unless I can afford something external to the Shield TV that enables streaming like an Elgato Cam Link or Game Capture HD 60 S … it’s probably not going to happen. The built-in streaming is just not good enough for me, in several ways, and, to be frank, I’m not sure it’s good enough for anyone. I was super excited that they added that feature back after removing it, but, nope. Can’t recommend the built-in streaming to anyone, I’m afraid. Take a look at those archived streams, and you’ll see what I mean: unstable streaming, unstable networking, bad and missing audio, desynced audio, weird apparently-hardcoded time limits for streaming, overwrites the Twitter category … Well, it was worth a try, I guess.

I’m still using the device, though not for live streaming myself; and I’ve not switched to my (truly awful) Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, regular Google Chromecast, or even my blu ray player since adding the Shield TV to my A/V mix. So, it’s been nice to have, but not quite for what I’d hoped to be using it for …

Last year I cancelled all my subscription services (Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix, &c.), and had been living off free services, like specific apps with free episodes, YouTube, Epix (through my Internet provider), Hoopla (through my local library; check if your library offers it!), even trying Pluto TV, and so forth; including all the many movies and TV shows I have in the past purchased. I set up and configured Movies Anywhere which helped consolidate a ton of movies from different services, including all the movies I’d gotten through iTunes and hadn’t been able to watch at all whilst my desktop was dead unless I fired up my, significantly outdated, Apple TV. Anyhow, if you’re like me, and have a lot of digital movies purchase within a particular walled-garden, consider using Movies Anywhere to make those available using devices that are connected to different walled-gardens. I didn’t really even know about that service until I started to configure my Shield TV, but I’m glad I figured that out.

I re-subscribed to Netflix for 1 month. I waited until Jan 18th, because I figured out that was a sweet spot for a bunch of things already available and things that are releasing before I cancel again at 30 days. I’ll probably sign up again in April, when new Sabrina and She-Ra, and maybe some other stuff by then and over the next month, are available. But, it’s just not worth it, to me, to stay subscribed. And, the higher Netflix raises their monthly fees, the less often it makes sense to me to re-subscribe.

So, this last month I’ve caught up on a bunch of things, like Punisher s02, the Sabrina midwinter episode, She-Ra, The Magicians s03, Polar, and more. Tangentially, I also watched Star Trek: Discovery s02e01 for free over on YouTube, and watched the “lost Captain Sulu pilot” that was Star Trek New Adventures episode World Enough And Time. Still dislike Star Trek: Discovery, and I really should write up my thoughts about it, maybe … but, wow, World Enough And Time was way better than I expected, and how did I miss that it existed? Also, the introduction by Marc Zicree was interesting.

Welp. I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention a lot of other things this month I should, but, there it is.

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