Crowdfunding Campaign Countdown: July 2021

Here’s a selection of crowdfunding campaigns that are counting down, ones that I’ve noticed and am currently watching for July, 2021. There’s a lot less this month, because I’m not paying as much attention to crowdfunding efforts, tbh, atm, in case you were wondering why the difference. But, I did notice these, fwiw. And, two bundles of note.

  • 52 hours to go: “Veritas Magia Tarot Deck. A full scale, black and silver inlaid tarot deck.”
  • 3 days to go: “A NEW offer of adventures for the venerable tabletop fantasy roleplaying game. TUNNELS & TROLLS 2. EIGHTEEN solo modules, five GM adventures, and the new MONSTERS! 2E.”
  • 5 days to go: Tabletops and Tentacles Magazine #3: The Cryptid Issue ?? Games, art, fiction, comics, RPGs, sasquatch!”
  • 10 days to go: “The GUMSHOE tabletop roleplaying game from PELGRANE PRESS plus more Carcosan horror. THE YELLOW KING. THE YELLOW KING RPG, ANNOTATED KING IN YELLOW, fiction, and music.”
  • 12 days to go: “DCC Dying Earth. A DCC RPG boxed set, officially licensed by the estate of Jack Vance. Adventure with IOUN Stones and The Excellent Prismatic Spray!”
  • Upcoming: “KINLESS – A Mörk Borg Solo Viking Adventure. You are an outcast… sent away to die alone in the cold night. Will you survive long enough to return and get your revenge?”
  • Upcoming: “KENNELS OF KARNAGE, a Third-Party Mörk Borg Adventure. A short adventure about saving lost dogs.”
  • Upcoming: “Spire’s End: Hildegard. Solo & Cooperative Card Game Adventure”

Update 12jul2021:

  • 13 days to go: “Potato Pirates 3: Battlechips. A Spud-Tech-Ular Coding Card Game.”—”Potato Pirates 3: Battlechips is a strategic card game with an exciting gameplay experience where you zap potatoes for energy, dig for sunken cards, and fortify yourself with powers and abilities to defeat enemy factions across the Carbobbean Seas.” Tucked away down the page, there’s a solo mode planned: “Committed to our mission to make computer science fun and accessible for all, we present to you our solo campaign mode – The Carbobbean Sea (CS) Chronicles. Did you see what we did there with the CS abbreviation? You know, CS – Computer Science. A fun yet educational guide with a compelling storyline featuring memorable characters all focused on teaching fundamental computer science concepts. By interfacing with the Battlechips game components, we are truly bringing computer science offline to a whole new level! The CS Chronicles will be available as a digital download and takes you through many challenging situations which will put your coding skills to the test, yes, even you programming gurus won’t be spared!”

Update 13jul2021:

  • 20 days to go: “Vast Grimm by Infinite Black Infinite Black. Vast Grimm is a rules-light Infectious Sci-Fi Horror RPG packed with everything you need to immerse yourself into a universe on the brink of collapse. Vast Grimm features 3 new Elder Dice sets with amazing holographic grimoires!”—”Vast Grimm is a stand alone, art-filled, punk-fueled OSR role-playing game about the few humans remaining in a universe being consumed by growing parasitic würms. … Compatible with Mörk Borg”

Update 14jul2021:

  • 29 days to go: “Adventure Post: Train of Terror. A 12-week long horror-themed, solo adventure delivered to your door via postcard, including an interactive PDF and free Teaser!” With maps by Toby Lancaster (Dark Realm Maps, &c.). Last chapter scheduled for Halloween 2021.

Update 15jul2021:

Update 21jul2021: