Crowdfunding Campaign Countdown: September 2021

Here’s a selection of crowdfunding campaigns, bundles, &c., that are counting down, ones that I’ve noticed and am currently watching for September, 2021.

  • 24 hours to go: “Verdant Isles: Teatime Adventures RPG. A heartwarming new tabletop roleplaying game – where every adventure comes with a tea pairing!”—”Put the kettle on! A world of joyous mystery and thriving culture awaits you here. It’s time to settle in with some good friends, a hot pot of tea, and something scrumptious from the oven as you enter the world of the Verdant Isles in Teatime Adventures. Explore the town of Oakenbend and help the townsfolk solve a series of pot-stirring mysteries. Over 200 pages of heartwarming adventures, with beautiful illustrations, vibrant colors, characters, and flavors throughout. New heartwarming Ancestries, Occupations, Skills, and Magic Systems set in the Verdant Isles. Compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition rules.”
  • 1 day to go: “Mutant Chronicles with 3D Miniatures“—”Drive Back the Dark Legion In Mutant Chronicles, Modiphius’ Tabletop RPG! Ready to pick a tabletop fight with the Dark Legion? Want to know what lies beyond the edge of our solar system? What does our world look like millennia into the future? Check out our new bundle, packed with Modiphius’ Mutant Chronicles ebooks and 3D print files like Mutant Chronicles 3rd Edition Core Book Savage Worlds Edition, Mutant Chronicles 3D Printed Heroes Collection, and Mutant Chronicles Dark Legion Campaign. Plus, your purchase helps support the NAACP Legal Defense Fund!”
  • 34 hours to go: “Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game. An officially licensed tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra.” They’ve raised 8½ million USD already, and the $75 “Otter-Penguin” pledge includes a truly bonkers, almost too good to be true (making me a bit nervous, tbh), pile of stuff. They’re going to build their own VTT. If only it had built-in solo (O woe)! “Magpie Games is excited to bring you Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game, the officially licensed tabletop roleplaying game set in the world of Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra! With over a decade of roleplaying design and publishing expertise, Magpie Games has created an innovative system that brings the world of the Four Nations to life in a tabletop roleplaying game that captures the heart of the Avatar franchise: balance, heroism, and the power of friendship. Avatar Legends: The RPG includes setting information seeded with plot hooks for your game, numerous playbooks representing the archetypes of heroes fans love from the television shows, a full set of custom mechanics for adventuring across the Four Nations, an adventure to get you started on your journey, and much more. Delve into the Four Nations like never before in an immersive role play experience that challenges you to find balance in a world in desperate need of heroes. Yip yip!”
  • 5 days to go: “The GOODMAN GAMES tabletop science-fiction roleplaying game by James M. Ward. METAMORPHOSIS ALPHA 1E. EVERYTHING YOU NEED for a complete campaign on a lost generation starship.”
  • 8 days to go: “KINLESS – A Mörk Borg Solo Viking Adventure. You are an outcast… sent away to die alone in the cold night. Will you survive long enough to return and get your revenge?”
  • 9 days to go: “Strange Hills. A tabletop rpg about loss and redemption, based on the No Dice, No Masters system.”—”What is Strange Hills? It’s a No Dice, No Masters game about bad people who’ve done bad things. People who were part of the ruling class in a tyrannical dictatorship. All that’s over now, the entire world is dying, and they have to decide: will I be better now that it’s all over? It’s inspired by things like the Dark Sun campaign setting, the film Mad Max: Fury Road, and a lot of dark fantasy novels. It’s a game about losing everything you have, and trying to redeem the one thing remaining, yourself.”
  • 10 days to go: “Demon-Bone Sarcophagus. An adventure for Old-School Dungeons and Dragons. Hopefully the first of three.”—”an adventure for Dungeons and Dragons. If you know about our previous adventure ‘Deep-Carbon Observatory Remastered’ then you have a rough idea of the nature and aesthetic of the thing. If you *don’t* know about that, or about us then think of Scrap and I’s efforts as; ‘Slightly edgy, somewhat pretentious, but competently (though not exceptionally), engineered Dungeons and Dragons adventures with some pretty wild expressionist art that some people really hate.’ If you want to know more then googling any combination of ‘Patrick Stuart’ Scrap Princess’, ‘False Machine’, ‘Veins of the Earth’ and/or ‘Fire on the Velvet Horizon’ should provide some spicy hits.”
  • 11 days to go: “From June 2018, Cthulhoid horror-espionage tabletop roleplaying ebooks. DELTA GREEN RPG. Covert agents face Mythos terror in ARC DREAM’s standalone RPG.” And: “From October 2019, more tabletop roleplaying ebooks for DELTA GREEN. DELTA GREEN OPERATIONS. CONTROL GROUP, THE COMPLEX, and more DELTA GREEN RPG scenarios.”
  • 11 days to go: “Epic Legacy Hero’s Handbook. Remaster and expansion of the Epic Legacy system – bringing the Core Rulebook to its zenith.”—”The Epic Legacy Hero’s Handbook is a 5th Edition supplement that takes your gaming experience to a whole new tier of play. Within these pages is everything you need to advance character progression to level 30 and create Epic adventures to challenge such mighty champions. This book is a completely remastered version of the critically acclaimed Epic Legacy Core Rulebook published in 2018. Backers familiar with the previous book can expect major errata revisions, new mythic monsters, beautiful interior upgrades, more art, and support for all recently published 5th Edition character class options.”
  • 12 days to go: “Sixth World tabletop roleplaying game ebooks and fiction from CATALYST. SHADOWRUN 6E STORIES. The SR SIXTH WORLD rules, BEGINNER BOX, and dozens of stories and novels.” Buyer beware! I’ve heard 6e is unplayable. But, maybe you could convert this on the fly, or something, to another system, maybe even a minimal one.
  • 12 days to go: “Sölitary Defilement: Solo resources for MÖRK BORG. The popular engine of lonesome death, now in print and expanded!”—”SÖLITARY DEFILEMENT is a popular set of solo rules and oracles for the dark, dismal, and thoroughly engrossing role playing game MÖRK BORG … The core rules for SÖLITARY DEFILEMENT, along with its printable worksheets for travel, dungeon crawling, and world mapping have been downloaded almost 5,000 times from You can check it out for free and get hooked!” “This Kickstarter intends to produce a physical edition of the SÖLITARY DEFILEMENT rulebook, along with exclusive content in the form of an Adventure Pack, and City Crawl supplement.” It doesn’t seem to talk a lot about this, but this is Ironsworn-meets-Mörk Borg. So at the base, it does a kind of PbtA conversion, but there’s a lot more to it as well! Just be aware that it’s got a mechanics change. Then again, maybe Ironsworn-meets-Mörk Borg does it for you?!
  • 13 days to go: “The Dee Sanction: Adventures — Print Edition. A softcover print collection of five adventures for The Dee Sanction RPG, the award-winning tabletop RPG of Elizabethan investigation.”—”The Dee Sanction: Adventures is a collection of varied investigations into the weird, deadly and supernatural. In service to Queen Elizabeth, the five adventures pit wary Agents against book thieves, traitors, elder magic, assassins and forces not of this earth.”
  • 18 days to go: “The Exquisite Corpse in Maggots’ Keep. An Interactive Adventure gamebook where each choice is written by a different author!”—”THE EXQUISITE CORPSE IN MAGGOTS’ KEEP is a full-length, illustrated gamebook in which you play a beautiful skeleton festooned in jewelry who wakes up inside their coffin in a deep, mysterious cavern. Who were you in life? What preternatural magics animated you? What strange creatures and situations will you encounter in this, the Maggots’ Keep? We don’t know! … Yet! Unlike other gamebooks, this one is being created by a team of eleven writers in collaboration. When you make a choice and turn the page, that choice guides you to a different writer!”
  • 19 days to go: “Comic-book film-noir tabletop roleplaying ebooks from SON OF OAK. CITY OF MIST. EVERYTHING YOU NEED for hardboiled investigations of cinematic modern myth.”
  • 21 days to go: “Crapland 2 : A Surrealist Suburban Troika RPG Book. Surrealism and Suburban Absurdism channeled through an RPG for Troika! New Backgrounds, New Spells, New Bestiary Entries!”
  • 22 days to go: “Super Powers Companion for SWADE“—”Few mediums inspire today’s gamers like comic books, graphic novels, and the movies and television shows based on them. The Savage Worlds Super Powers Companion lets you recreate everything from classic Marvel® and DC® tales to modern takes like The Boys®, Kick-Ass®, or Invincible®… all in the award-winning Savage Worlds rules system! This book updates the original Super Powers Companion to be completely compatible with Savage Worlds Adventure Edition.”
  • 23 days to go: Herbalist’s Primer. An illustrated guide to real-world magical plants for magicians, worldbuilders, alchemists, and game masters.”—”Herbalist’s Primer is a system-agnostic illustrated guide to real-world magical plants. Inspired by the 19th-century herbalists and the millennia of folklore, myths, and legends, it brings a wealth of easily-accessible, organized information straight to your gaming table.”
  • 27 days to go: “ASCET. An exquisite card game about monks searching for enlightenment with minimal aesthetics and roleplaying overtones.”—”ASCET is a minimalist playing card game with roleplaying overtones that encourages diplomatic, mnemonic and maths skills with the use of simple mechanics that use cards, a d8 and a d10 dice (included in the deck as a card to cut, fold & paste). Each player will have 4 virtues: Compassion, Humility, Faith and Temperance. Inspired in the popular medieval theme of the ascetic monk that withdrew from society in search for enlightenment which has caught the imagination of master painters like Hieronymus Bosch, Salvador Dali, Albrecht Dürer, Max Ernst and Cezanne to name a few. ”
  • 29 days to go: “Valda’s Spire of Secrets: A Colossal Expansion for DnD 5E. Unleash 5e with this compendium of groundbreaking classes, spells, feats, and more!”
  • 29 days to go: “Tales From When I Had A Face. A modern fairy-tale about death, loss, and finding redemption in the strangest places.”—”A haunting, color-illustrated novel over seven years in the making, Tales From When I Had A Face takes visual inspiration from the collections of fairy tales familiar to many readers: full page images juxtapose the text, complemented by smaller inline art. Brief sequential passages reminiscent of a graphic novel add impact and immersion. In total it contains over 100 illustrations.”
  • Upcoming: “Relics of Rajavihara and Montalo’s Revenge Expansion. A puzzly solo adventure game: The original game, plus 30 all-new levels with brand new challenges.”
  • Upcoming: “Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG 1st Edition Boxed Set. Everything you need to play Mothership® in one incredible box.”

Update 8sept2021:

  • 16 days to go: “The SPILL. Manage an oil spill and rescue sea life in this suspenseful cooperative game for 1-4 players.”
  • 19 days to go: “A NEW offer of the 2018 science-fantasy tabletop roleplaying game by MONTE COOK. NUMENERA DISCOVERY. DISCOVERY, DESTINY, BUILDING TOMORROW, three BESTIARIES, and tons more.”
  • 22 days to go: “Stars Without Number RPG: Offset Print Edition. An offset print run of Stars Without Number, the hit sci-fi tabletop RPG.”
  • 22 days to go: “Gravemire. A Gilded Age tabletop horror game about mortality, growth, and the Louisiana bayou.”
  • 23 days to go: “RANE IN BLOOD: Mothership Adventure & Antagonist Sourcebook. ☠️ SPACE PIRATES | CULTS | ORGAN THIEVES | FAILED CLONES | GENETIC VAMPIRES & MUCH MORE! For use with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG.”
  • Upcoming: “Argon EON: 4-Bay Network Storage powered by Raspberry Pi 4. A Network Attached Storage (NAS) for people who love to tinker around with cool stuff and the makers at heart.”
  • 32 days to go: “Alien Armory. A collection of bio-punk weapons, armors and equipment compatible with the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG.”
  • Upcoming: “MÖRK BORG Core Item Reference Cards. MÖRK BORG compatible core items reference cards. A set of up to 148 tarot sized cards for use when playing TTRPGS.”
  • Upcoming: “Bernpyle: YEAR ONE. An unofficial Mausritter supplement, an anthology of the first year of the Bernpyle zine.”

Update 10sept2021:

  • 12 days to go: “Stingers & Spores. A tabletop RPG of high fantasy and insects using the Savage Worlds rule system.”
  • 28 days to go: “Anne of Green Gables: Vampire Hunter. A limited edition case laminate hardcover of “Anne of Green Gables: Vampire Hunter” for readers 9-12″—”A limited edition case laminate hardcover of an original Anne Shirley gothic adventure. An ominous fog rolls onto the shores of Avonlea. Bram Stoker’s Dracula and Anne of Green Gables were published a mere eleven years apart. Coincidence? Yes! But that won’t stop us from enjoying some CanLit Children’s Classic shenanigans.”
  • Upcoming: “Blackbirds RPG. A horrific dark fantasy world Powered by Zweihander RPG from creator Ryan Verniere.”

Update 11sept2021:

Update 12sept2021:

  • 4 days to go: “A Humble Exclusive: RED SCREEN by Stephen King“—”RED hot off the press, a Stephen King exclusive short story: Red Screen. We’ve teamed up with legendary author Stephen King for a once in a lifetime opportunity. Presenting, Red Screen, a never before published work, exclusively available through Humble Bundle. In this unsettling short story, a cop interrogates a deranged plumber who just murdered his wife, only to discover something far more insidious. Pay what you want, and support the ACLU.”
  • 19 days to go: “Humble Comic Bundle: TV & Movies by Titan Comics“—It’s a grab bag, but of possible interest include series like Sherlock, Penny Dreadful, Blade Runner, and also Berlin Babylon, set in 1929 Weimar Berlin, one issue inspired by Hammer Horror’s mummy films, and The Prisoner.
  • 27 days to go: “Andromeda: Module for Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG. A Mothership Sci-Fi horror RPG compatible module presented in a fluorescent fold out zine format set on the Andromeda Hub Station.”—”Using an innovative folded zine layout; Andromeda is an 8 page booklet containing all the information required by the Warden to run the game. This booklet then folds out to a detailed A3 map of the hub station as well as a set of illustrated and detailed NPC’s, and a copy of the final transmission from the Andromeda. All of this information is intended to be presented to the players as a combined mission briefing and centrepiece of play. Risograph printed on 175gsm embossed paper it is also printed with fluorescent green ink. This means the module glows in the dark if exposed to UV light. If you back the project at the ‘Hardcase’ level we’ll ship you a custom logo UV flashlight as well so you can play in the dark for the full Andromeda experience.”

Update 13sept2021:

Update 14sept2021:

  • 51 hours to go: “Siege Command. Strategize and adapt to maintain control of the battlefield in a lane-based tower-offense game for two players.”
  • 60 hours to go: “The Hexagonal Gaming System by Wyrmwood. A modular, magnetic solution to elevate your board game or RPG night. Dice trays, dice and mini storage, component organizers and more!”
  • 6 days to go: “Humans. A PDF only role-playing party game about non-humans trying to be humans at a party.”—”a 3-8 player roleplaying party game about non-humans dressed up as humans trying to engage in small talk and get away with it while at a human party.”
  • 21 days to go: “The Moon’s Daughter. A children’s book about love, compassion, and friendship. By Liam and Seb Mckinnon.”—”She had many names. Some were ancient, as old as the trees and the sleeping stones. To all those who knew her, she was the Moon’s Daughter… This story takes place in a faraway world of endless ice and snow. Here resides the Moon’s Daughter and her loyal companion, the Fox. Earthbound, she must take care of the northern lands and her animal friends, though she longs to see Father Moon again. A tale of love, compassion and friendship told in 5 chapters, for children and adults alike!”
  • 26 days to go: “ELEGOO Jupiter: 12.8″ 6K Mono MSLA 3D Printer. The ELEGOO Jupiter lets printing large scale, high accuracy, and intricate parts really simple.”
  • 28 days to go: “QUEERZ! RPG. The super sentai LGBTQ-themed tabletop RPG where you fight intolerance with empathy! Based on the “QUEERZ!” manga and City of Mist RPG.”
  • 43 days to go: “Verdant. A puzzly spatial board game of houseplant collection and care with gorgeous artwork by Beth Sobel!”—”Verdant is a beautiful strategy board game for 1-5 players that plays in 30-45 minutes. In Verdant, you take on the role of a houseplant enthusiast trying to create the coziest space by collecting and arranging houseplants and other objects within your home. In this multi-layered spatial puzzle, you must position your plants so that they receive the most suitable light conditions and take care of them using various nurture actions to create the most verdant collection!”

Update 17sept2021:

  • 7 days to go: “Unsurmountable. Puzzle your way to the top of the mountain in a solo game from Scott Almes and Button Shy. Only $10!”—”In Unsurmountable, players will be tackling the rocky slopes of an ever-changing mountain. As the game unfolds, they must place the next piece of the path carefully in order to complete a route to the top while simultaneously meeting any additional goals for the round. It may sound like a walk in the park, but this puzzle has plenty of pitfalls to keep players on their toes.” “Unsurmountable is the next title in our Simply Solo line, following Food Chain Island and Ugly Gryphon Inn. These titles were designed by Scott Almes for single-player only, focusing on elegant rules that create complex situations. Like the previous two games, Unsurmountable delivers a fun puzzle that’s sure to hit the table again and again.”
  • 27 days to go: “Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse: Beyond Thunder City. New worlds for mice and their motorcycle clubs from the award winning tabletop RPG.”—”Beyond Thunder City is an anthology of settings for Heavy Metal Thunder Mouse, the award-winning RPG of mice and their motorcycle clubs! It is a 6×9 book, to be released digitally and in paperback, of five worlds for use with the core H.M.T.M. game (available at a discount through this very campaign!), written by some of the most imaginative designers in the industry today and illustrated by our friend Jacob Hunt.” Powered by Fate.

Update: 19sept2021:

  • 12 days to go: Briar & Bramble. Full art and printed copies of Briar & Bramble.”—”This Kickstarter is to fund the creation of a full art and physical version of Briar & Bramble which is available for FREE at Play as a community of wayward animals in search of a new home in Briar & Bramble, a community focused roleplaying game crafted in the heart of the English woodlands.”
  • 18 days to go: “Solar Sphere: Harness the Power of the Stars! Hire your crew, fight off the Resistance, and build the Solar Sphere – A highly thematic dice placement game.”
  • 24 days to go: “ZipWarz: Core Rules“—”A rules-lite war game for $5—”Welcome to ZipWarz, a new tabletop war game system that is rules-lite, customizable, and plays faster than most other war games you currently enjoy. In ZipWarz, each player brings customized armies to the battlefield in an attempt to vie for victory using tactical movements, devastating attacks, and special abilities. The player who gains the most Victory Points by the end of round 4 wins the game. ”
  • Upcoming: “The Call of Cthulhu Chocolate Bar. H. P. Lovecraft-inspired chocolate bar. Nori seaweed, ginger spice, & candied ginger in dark chocolate. Handmade & bean-to-bar.” Tweet thread—”OPEN BOOK CHOCOLATES presents THE CALL OF CTHULHU CHOCOLATE BAR. NORI SEAWEED, GINGER SPICE, & CANDIED GINGER IN DARK CHOCOLATE. Launching on KICKSTARTER MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 20TH.” “You can order all 12 of our flavors via Kickstarter! Alice in Wonderland. Sherlock Holmes. Jane Eyre. Pride & Prejudice. Les Miserables. Treasure Island. The Raven. The Tale of Genji. A Little Princess. The Great Gatsby. A Christmas Carol. The Call of Cthulhu.”
  • Upcoming: “The Satanic Coloring Book – Volumes 1 & 2. Explore the world of Satanism in this two volume set of coloring books featuring the NSFW ‘Rituals’ and all ages ‘Animals.’”

Update 22sept2021:

  • 19 days to go: “Technomagical post-apocalyptic tabletop roleplaying ebooks from GOODMAN GAMES. MUTANT CRAWL CLASSICS. The MCC rulebook (based on DUNGEON CRAWL CLASSICS) and many .PDF modules.”
  • 28 days to go: “Into the Odd Remastered. A rules-light, flavour-heavy roleplaying game of industrial horror and cosmic strangeness.”
  • 29 days to go: “Blighter: Tracker of the Realm. A bad role model with the stripes to prove it! A Monstrous Adventure by Jeff Parker & Drew Moss.”—”Blighter is an original graphic novel by writer Jeff Parker (X-Men First Class, Flash Gordon, Batman ’66 and Future Quest) and artist Drew Moss (Vampirella/Red Sonja, Star Wars, The Crow, Army Of The Dead, M.A.S.K. and Heavy Metal). Available in both paperback and digital download editions, Blighter is a dimension-spanning, action-packed suspense ride, chock-full of monsters, and a swaggeringly brutal Tiger-man who fancies himself a living legend.”
  • 29 days to go: “Skinny Minis 2: An Easier Way to Mini. Durable, beautiful, affordable minis. New art and tons of new freebies!”
  • Upcoming: “Follow Me Down. A GMless, two-player tabletop roleplaying game inspired by the myth of Orpheus & Eurydice, Powered by the Apocalypse.” “1–4 players”

Update 26sept2021:

  • 74% remaining to goal: “Starlight Riders is a fast-paced, card-driven space western RPG about heists through the galaxy. You play as a bunch of outlaws, fighting against an oppressive system that took all you had. It’s your role to tip the scales back in favor of the forgotten. The game was designed to be played as a single session (one-shot), but there’s also a campaign mode for longer adventures. With a custom deck of cards and some dice, you sit down alone or with your friends, come up with a job, a team and run the heist! No prep, no GM, no paperwork. Gameplay alternates roleplaying, card play and dice rolls to tell the story of extremely competent individuals striving to do what’s right — even if it’s not what’s legal. You work together to overcome the obstacles between your team and the MacGuffin, while uncovering secret motivations and connections of each character.”
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