Summary for the month of June 2022

Another month, and I did some stuff. Mainly I did one thing several times, with a little variety in how I did it.

I appeared on someone else’s live stream actually playing Ironsworn: Starforged co-op. I also did some intertable communication, as I’m wont to do, and that I advocate people do too in their own games with others, between the character I play in that co-op game and a character I played in my solo game. As of the end of this month, the co-op playlist has about 20 hours of actual play archived, so consider checking it out.

As I write this, the amusing distraction of watching the subscriber count for my channel on YouTube fall trippingly up
toward 666 has been two steps forward and one step back. There’s progress as people hitch a ride along but also people fall off the wagon along the way. The current total is 635±. That’s about 10 more since last month, which if that trend holds there’s another 3 months until goal, but it does seem to have slowed down. I’ll still post something new to my channel if I get to 666, but it feels pretty remote to me still. Kinda strange that the trend has slowed after I started participating in an actual play, where one might have thought it would pick up a bit, but what do I know: I’ve never figured out why people do or don’t follow or watch anything I do anyway. I vaguely have another goal in mind, ready for after that possible future milestone, but I’m mostly at this point just amused watching what happens.

Also, don’t forget that I’m actually kinda active at @[email protected] over in the ‘verse, so follow along if you’ve already got an account, or create an account on any instance to join in!

That’s it. It’s something, at least?

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