Summary for the month of July 2022

Another month, and I actually did some stuff. But, spoiler alert, probably pretty much all but the end of doing stuff again, if I’m honest.

I finished my appearance on someone else’s live stream actually playing Ironsworn: Starforged co-op. We managed 8 total episodes in the end, though the last one was only a super quick wrap-up, but we did reach a finale all in all. If you watched any of them, thanks! Moreover, I hope you enjoyed them. And, thanks to Meandeef, Dice T, and Hyenaplus for the surprise chance to play in a group. Go check ’em out, and consider giving ’em each a follow in all the places.

One realization is that for new groups playing like this, we probably should have set an expectation from the beginning around an episode goal. Both as a way of saying that we’re planning on some number of episodes, meaning that way there’s a reasonable commitment to play for a certain time, but also that there’s no lock-in to play forever without some end in sight. The idea demonstrated in the brief finale episode of having up to 10 episodes in a season and using the number of episodes completed as a progress track seems like a cool one to me. That way there’s a built-in mechanism for ending things and a prompt for finding out what happened; plus an incentive to make it to at least 6 episodes so there’s a better chance for the season to come out narratively a strong or weak hit for each character. Watch the short finale for how that worked at the table, and let me know if you end up using that idea and how it works for you!

I should mention where I’m at with that the off-hand mention that I’d post at least one video to my channel if I reach 666 subscribers on YouTube. As it stands, as I write this, I’ve got 648±. That’s still a pretty good number of new subscribers from this month for someone that’s not doing anything. At this rate, if it were to continue the same, it’ll maybe be only a month or two more before I reach the point of doing that bonus milestone video. I had some ideas of what I might do, but if you’re reading this and have thoughts about what you’d like to see for this one encore, let me know!

For some inscrutable and incomprehensible reason I updated my old looking for group page. Not that I’m actually looking. I’m totally not. Nope. But … call me maybe.

I had written a whole bunch more whiny navel-gazing BS here, but I just couldn’t stand to leave it in. No one, especially not me, wants to read myself talking about that shit. Suffice it to say, as a small time creator who’s essentially given up after feeling for too long like I’ve only been howling into the void, if you like what I’ve done, then make some noise. I can’t stand to hear myself say any more than that about it.

Oh, and, at the last minute, just under the wire, I got something in the mail. Yay!

And, that’s all there is for the foreseeable future. Unless something truly unexpected happens, I’ll probably not post again here before I reach that YouTube milestone at some point. Until then, and after that again, back to being on indefinite hiatus!

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