D&D Spelljammer Jamming with the Stars LFG

Jamming with the Stars is an epic level D&D 5e and Spelljammer campaign themed with Demon/Devil hunting and high sci-fantasy. Players are currently at 14th level, and are intended to continue adventuring through 20th and beyond.

D&D Spelljammer Jamming with the Stars live stream actual play

Sessions are weekly, 18:30 CEST (Central Europe) Saturday, using Roll20 and Discord, many campaign documents shared via Google Drive, and streamed online on Twitch, then archived to a public playlist on YouTube.

To apply for a seat at this table, as a regular participating member, watch our past sessions and then prepare a rough description how your character was touched by a demon/devil in your past. Clearly state that you’ve read the time zone and time slot, and you agree to have your audio streamed and archived.

Contact DoStuffZ with your application or for more information.

Everyone Must Agree

Everyone in a group I play with must agree to be on stream, and recorded for a saved playlist.

Everyone in groups I play with must also abide by Wheaton’s Law and Twitch Community Guidelines at the table, and anywhere that I participate, whether on stream or not.