“you’re not going to believe this but it’s the Hogwarts Express”

Family Stranded In Scotland Rescued By None Other Than The Hogwarts Express. “When they saw the steam train coming, all sadness left their little faces and was replaced by excitement and fun.”—Dominique Mosbergen, Huffpost [See also]

The cops, it turned out, had an extraordinary plan. They couldn’t use brooms or “apparate” to the Cluetts, but they offered the next best thing: The Jacobite steam train, the real-life vehicle that was used to depict the Hogwarts Express in the “Harry Potter” films, would make an unscheduled stop to pick up the family.

“The policeman said, ‘We’ve arranged for the next train passing to stop for you, and you’re not going to believe this but it’s the Hogwarts Express steam train. Your kids are going to love it,’” Cluett told The Associated Press on Sunday, adding that his kids — aged between 6 and 12 ― are all fans of the franchise.

Our June Ah!


Our June Ah!

Our June Ah! is the story of Krishna revealing himself to Arjuna as God. It jumps octaves in several ways in the second half because the idea of “God(s)” in many ways is a being an octave above us, or even below us.


Skunky Beaumont is a sound wizard currently residing in Los Angeles. Skunky has been active under that moniker for about 5 years, released 8 records, and played all over Los Angeles and SoCal including Whiskey A-Go-Go on Sunset Blvd and East Jesus in Slab City.

Odd-Order Anthology Artist Skunky Beaumont

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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – GIT COMMIT GLITCH

Summary for the week ending Oct 15, 2017

Here’s a summary of activity for the week ending October 15th, 2017.

Second weekly summary for Odd Order activity! Lots of posts on the blog and social media, and videos posted or streamed, and the Odd Order Anthology for 2017, GIT COMMIT GLITCH, was released!

I posted a second solo roleplay video last week. So there were videos set in both Alfheim and Warp Shell posted. Later today I’m starting a third campaign, with the first video in a new series. That means three solitaire roleplaying sessions each week using the Index Card RPG Core system. This third series is set in a new world, vary loosely on Fritz Leiber’s Nehwon, but in an alternate universe I’ve called Nehwyreve. You can watch for that posting later today, when it’s done uploading, in its own Nehwyreve playlist, or in the playlist with all the solo adventure sessions combined.

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The Housekeeper and the Professor

The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yōko Ogawa is a emotionally strong and heartfelt story of a woman hired for a time to be care for a former professor of mathematics who is suffering memory issues due to an accident. The woman, her young boy, and the former professor come to care for each other and have a meaningful brief, almost accidental, time together.

I find that I wanted there to be more mathematics integral to the story than there were, and to to be more core to the way the story develops, implying the philosophical thoughts and feelings. The professor might as well have been a professor of baseball, but, I suppose, to be fair, the professor’s mathematics was reflected in the story by his love of baseball, and that allowed the mathematics itself to be unintimidating and approachable. But I kinda wanted more from that that I got.

Overall, a nice story that provides, for a few moments, a wholesome but emotional journey and character study.

I made 25 highlights.

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The Copper Cascade

The Copper Cascade: A Virulent ChapBook by Kneel Downe, foreword by Steve Taylor-Bryant, is the “first in a series of Virulent ChapBooks which introduces readers to the characters and concepts of Kneel’s universe”. Apparently there’s a giant and complex VirulentBlurb corpus from which this collects a coherent short selection of extracts, but it stands well enough on its own. The constructed story itself reads to me as as a kind of alternate X-Men tale, of superheroes and villains, mainly from the point of view of the Magneto-like character Dark Deliverance, and interviews by the detective Kurt Lobo. I’m not super interested in diving into the deep water of the entire corpus, but this was interesting and complete in itself. So it could serve as the first step down the rabbit hole, or be a quick satisfying read. For me, it’s going to be the latter.

I made 8 highlights.

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Abyss In Thee Serpent


Abyss In Thee Serpent


My name is Marc, I first encountered esoteric ideas when I was 15 years old in a book called The Black Arts by Richard Cavendish, It was not until I was 17 that I was introduced to the ideas in the Book of Thoth by Aleister Crowley (especially The Tarot and Animism) . I am now 45 and have related to various esoterica through music, art and personal practice during the intervening time. From Psychic TV and Coil to The shamen and Goa Trance via Throbbing gristle and everything in the Rave scene from the late eighties onwards. It seems impossible to fill this space with all my influences from the world of musick.

My process to create starts with words, I use keywords and expressions around an intention and cut up the ideas until they give birth to something that intuitively feels correct. I then paint the assemblage of language into a montage of symbolic images and colours. After this I charge the image through acoustic percussion and mantra (traditional or otherwise). Once I have obtained communication with my project and entered into a contract with it I move to my PC maintaining the state of trance and interaction in order to assemble a sonic tapestry of samples and sounds that reflect or are guided and informed to be representations of my communion with my work, I then edit and restructure. (Though not always) The sound has to be a reality of the contract/contact those are the terms and conditions.

I compose sound under three names Wolven Angel (Inspired by T.A.Z), M.A.R. and Children of Osiris, These personas/conditions/constructs serve different attitudes of purpose in order to guide certain aspects of my projects. Each set of conditions forms a set of temporary expressions recorded.

Odd Order Anthology Artist Children of Osiris

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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – GIT COMMIT GLITCH