Snotty Molly from Spare Parts and Carbuncles


Snotty Molly from Spare Parts and Carbuncles
(Ace of Space/Paul Le Hat)

A previously unreleased track.

Snotty Molly came from a small workshop teaching young people who wanted to make music with their computers but didn’t know where to start. Using the their own laptops and tablets we gathered together enough samples and free software to begin the laying down basic tracks for them to rap and sing over. They were all into happy hardcore or hip-hop. As a guide I had to make my own track along with them, I’d like to think they taught me as much as I did them, especially about the genres they were into. Snotty Molly was a rescue cat my friends had who had an continuous mucus problem.


Discontent is unavailable …

One man wave of cinematic electronica from Northumbria. Has so far produced five full length albums.

Whatever it means to Ace of Space it means capturing the moment, just like taking a photograph or snapshot, in musical terms. These eclectic collections so far are a mixture of old school electronica and guitar instrumentals and atmospheric soundtrack work suitable for film, TV or radio.

Ace of Space

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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL


The Other Room


The Other Room

Written by Aaron Piccirillo.

Somnolent is the musical moniker for Aaron Piccirillo, a musician and writer from Connecticut in the United States. He holds a master’s degree from the University of Manchester in England, where he completed an interdisciplinary program entitled “Constructions of the Sacred, the Holy, and the Supernatural.” He also holds a B.A. in literature from the State University of New York at Purchase, and has been active in musical composition, recording, and performance for over fifteen years. He has written for Clavis Journal, Aeon Sophia Press, and Appalachia Journal, and is a contributing writer to His creative work can be viewed at


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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL


Light Plays in Fine Boundaries


Light Plays in Fine Boundaries

A weird ambient journey from what knows no beginning and no end … played live with a specific sonic palette.



Anantakara is a project of Philippe Wauman, from Louvain-la-neuve, Belgium, established in 2010. Anantakara creates live performances, choreography, sound design, meditative & healing music, soundtracks, and studio albums.

Entre grain de folie et grain de beauté, il est question de Tout et de Rien. Et de l’improbable frontière qui en mesure l’incontournable démesure… Anantakara est un projet de musique “intemporaine”. Le nom du projet définit à lui seul l’humble démesure: le réenchantement du monde par l’émerveillement en parcourant inlassablement la quête du point de rencontre des opposés, ce point inattendu qui régénère et accompli.

Balancing between a touch of madness and the caress of beauty, it forms a link between All and Nothing. The improbable frontier of infinity… Anantakara is an ‘in-temporary’ music project. The name Anantakara discloses its modest ambition: to re-enchant the world through wonderment while tirelessly pacing the inmost and outmost in search of the place where opposites meet, that startlingly unpredictable fortuitous point where regeneration and accomplishment are enhanced.

“Anantakara” अनन्तकर [an-ant’a-kara] is a Sanskrit adjective that can be translated as: “rendering endless, magnifying indefinitely, making endless or infinite”. That is, to start with what is somehow already complete, has always been and will be forever. To simultaneously combine the One which becomes Multiple with the Multiple that becomes One, to explore the sphere of influence existing between the diversification of the One and the unification of the Multiple. The spiritualization of matter, the materialization of spirit.


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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL


Ritual No. 6


Ritual No. 6
(Salford Electronics)

Calibrate the singularities. Extending burst, extending charge. Boost the burst hyperdrive next to the critical area. The expanding energy at the vacuum. The fluctuating core within the galaxy.


They have to boost the crystal, because the singularity has been within the anomalies. Critical plasma must have been removed, because the weak crystal seems to be inverted. The stumped crystal plasma conduit catches ripples inside the auxiliary zone capacitors plasma conduit. There seems to be a quantum plasma conduit in the vortex which affects enhanced fluctuations within the special delta region.

Salford Electronics

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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL


Third Aether


Third Aether

The sound of mechanized machines waking up the astronaughts from their deep zombie like sleep, a double sun on a strange planet, that is already inhabited.

As their craft breaks up they disguise themselves in brown towels and attempt to hide out, not certain how to ever get back home.

Their only hope is to make  new friends.


Shams93 is the brainchild of composer/performer Brian Redfern. Brian graduated from CalArts in 1998, having studied composition with Nyoman Wenten, Kobla Ladzepko and Wadada Leo Smith. In 2005 Brian switched from guitar to the ancient middle eastern instrument, the oud, studying with virtuoso Yuval Ron.

Previously Brian had been the guitarist for Los Hermanos de Jazz who had opened up for bands such as the Stone Temple Pilots and performed sessions for Death Row Records, back in the wild and crazy early 1990s. Back then he also created a project called “Aleister’s Bastards” inspired by the work 777 by Aleister Crowley. However at the time, he had no idea he lived right down the street from the famous occult author, Lon Milo DuQuette.

Shams93 runs the gamut from purely acoustic solo oud to electronic music and live electric performance. Brian plays both acoustic and electric oud and uses the ancient system of “Maqam music” from the middle east to compose new material based on ancient patterns.

He is greatly inspired by recent John Zorn projects such as the Crowley String quartet, which explore occult concepts with instrumental music inspired by western classical and avant-garde.

Besides having earned an MFA from CalArts Brian is an initiated Freemason, 3○, 32○, Thelemite and self-initiated Sufi/Ishmaeli. He’s also a 3○ in the OTO and a probationer of the A∴A∴, so occult practice and meditation are massive influences on the music of Shams93.


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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL


Measured Motion


Measured Motion

The project this track comes from began as a musical response to the 7 Hermetic Principles. I guess the most obvious thing to have done would have been to make 7 pieces — one for each. It wasn’t lack of scope or ambition that has resulted in just 3 being made. More this process of composing was a quite immediate response to the subject and at the time of completing the 3rd piece it felt right to pause. The pause in itself changed my momentum and so it then figured to release the work.

I am in no way an expert, or indeed a full convert, to The Kybalion or Hermeticism, more a long term observer and open mind towards this philosophy. It is highly likely that having been going through a particularly difficult and stressful working life during the time of writing, Hermeticism was an attractive school of thought in order to stay rationale and perhaps more in mind of the “bigger picture”.

The music itself has been compared favourably to Tangerine Dream — who incidentally I could easily interchange my above described relationship with Hermeticism! — and I consider this is a fair conclusion, albeit I think the works here are somewhat more minimal than that of TD.

The music was made using an Arturia Minibrute, many, various effects pedals, Electro-Faustus EF-109 Drone Thing, Korg Sq-1, Arturia iMini, Korg iMS-20, Ableton Live and Garageband.

It is highly recommended to be listened to with headphones.

Kieran Mahon. Minimalist journeys, sketches, synth pieces, drones, loops, found sounds and echoes. Lo-fi. Phaser: rate slow, depth full. Aim: to see a world in a grain of sand.

Kieran Mahon

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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL


Confession Remix


Confession Remix
(Radio Free Clear Light)

Three old women
at an agreed upon time.
They all have secrets,
but only one is willing to speak,
“I am One Star
in the company of Stars.
All fire we have created,
and to us it shall return.
I confess this life eternal.
It was, and is,
and is to come.. ”
A train passes
beyond the open window,
None of the women can see
the graffiti covered boxcars slithering by.
Secret writing, incantations, and sigils,
angular letters in black and white,
broken and reformed.
Never again
will the train pass by,
never again will the train pass by,
never again
will the women meet.


Radio Free Clear Light is a collective of artists devoted to experimental, electro-acoustic improvisation music as a collaborative mystical practice. Our approach draws its inspiration from Thelemic and Discordian thought, and other schools of esoteric wisdom. We use digital and analog electronics, found sound sources, vocals and a variable set of traditional musical instruments in an improvisational process that yields results as eerie as they are sublime. Stylistically speaking, our output contains elements of dark ambient, industrial, dub, IDM, minimalism, noise, shamanic and psychedelic musics, drones and free jazz.

Central to our philosophy is that all people are musicians, whether or not they believe themselves to be. It is our intent to create spaces of musical freedom where all people are participants, actively creating the unique and changing soundscape with their presence and sustained attention. In this way, the music created is always site-specific, altered each moment by the environment and musical contributions of the those in attendance.

Radio Free Clear Light

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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL


Cool Air


Cool Air

“Cool Air” (named after the short story by H.P. Lovecraft). It talks about the slow decay of organisms into the substances that we now use as fuel, sunlight many many generations under the surface of the Earth.The song also involves a brief invocation of the necronomiconic/Babylonian form of Tiamat.

Firmament is a Progressive/Alternative Rock from Canton, Ohio with Eric Carbenia, Alex Herstine, Matt Spradling, and Brandon Carbenia.


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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL


Without Breath And Listening


Without Breath And Listening

P. Emerson Williams – Guitar, Cello, Vox
Pandora – Percussion

Recorded at Foamin’ South Studio
Mixed and mastered at Skinwalker Studio


P. Emerson Williams is a multi-media artist who tests the boundaries between music, art, writing, video and performance of many kinds. He is also the driving force behind Choronzon and Veil Of Thorns, and is half of the core duo behind kkoagulaa. More people listen to the sounds of P. Emerson Williams every day than realize it. The work of P. Emerson Williams takes physical and digital media, genres and modes of performance to strange realms. With Choronzon, Williams straddles the worlds of industrial music and black metal, with Veil of Thorns, electronic dance to dark Americana to pure goth and as a solo artist he blurs the distinction between electronic ambient and stark and strange folk. P. Emerson Williams can often be found adding elements of his sonic alchemy as a spice to projects with Sleep Chamber, Manes and more extensively as half of the creative core of kkoagulaa with from Manes. Other recent collaborations include playing cello on UK black metal band Ethernal’s latest album, a release with Mark Cunningham and subverting the nature of guitar playing with industrial noise merchants Dead Skull. Audiences got to witness P. Emerson Williams on guitar and vocals with Jarboe in a tour that took them through the US, Western and Eastern Europe and wrapped up in Moscow in 2013 and again in 2016 when an invitation from DARK MOFO brought Jarboe and P. Emerson Williams to Hobart, Tasmania for a special performance on a night that included JG Thirlwell and Chelsea Wolfe.

As a core member of UK theatrical company FoolishPeople, P. Emerson Williams took on many aspects of London productions of The Basement – Ward 12 – in partnership with Secret Cinema, The Providence Experiments – co-produced with Mythos Media, A Red Threatening Sky, The Abattoir Pages – presented with Guerilla Zoo, Cirxus which was produced in collaboration with Arcola Theatre and Terra:Extremitas, performed at Amsterdam’s NDSM-werf. These roles included creating a score for choreographer Johan Stjernholm as part of the production A Red Threatening Sky and a solo musical performance at the famed Horse Hospital in London, the creation of soundscapes, sound design, and scores for every production on which he worked, as well as set and graphic design. On top of all this, Williams was in the cast as both voice and live actor as characters ranging from the demon Choronzon to a half dozen members of a Manchester United message board for the audio production of Forum.

P. Emerson Williams is the host of the Necrofuturist Transmission on Nottingham’s Nightbreed Radio, was the editor and producer for Music Tuesdays on, and art director for Weaponized , the publishing imprint of FoolishPeople. Articles and music reviews by P. Emerson Williams can be read online at, Modern Mythology, and Intravenous Magazine. The visual art pf P. Emerson Williams has graced book covers and interiors for Original Falcon, Weaponized, Night Horse Publishing and Westgate Press, the pages of magazines including Lovecraft eZine, Lackington’s Magazine, Shoreline of Infinity, Diodati, Morpheus Tales, Culture Asylum, Isten ‘zine, Ghastly, and Esoterra , album and CD covers for Rat King, Primordial, Katatonia, SLEEP CHAMBER, Veil of Thorns, Choronzon and kkoagulaa.

P. Emerson Williams illustrated Bedlam Stories – The Battle for Oz and Wonderland Begins, a novel set in the universe of Bedlam Stories, a twisted world of horror created by cult film director Pearry Teo (The Gene Generation, Necromentia, Witchville).

“Given P. Emerson Williams extensive track record of cross-medium and genre art over the past thirty years, it is likely he will become an underground legend. This may have occurred already, yet given his reclusiveness, it’s unlikely he would notice.” -James Curcio, author of Fallen Nation, Join My Cult and The Immanence of Myth

P Emerson Williams

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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL


Antiquity Broke


Antiquity Broke

About the metamorphic process of death and an attempt to understand the bridge between the here and now and the afterlife through magick. She starts the fire and opens her book whose very pages are culled and reborn from the Tree of Life.

Produced and programmed by bryan.alka, lyrics and vocal elements by Todd Steponick.


Alka translates frequencies into moods. A blending (and bending) of electronic styles, his output has been variously described over the years as IDM, Ambient, Occultronica, and Witch-Glitch. Alka’s production process is akin to an alchemical experiment, directly and indirectly incorporating esoteric practices adapted for musical creation. The result is simultaneously vast enough for wide open spaces and/or condensed urban settings. It is the place where lucidity and obscurity meet.


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Rigaroga’s Odd Order Anthology Album – BENT BROKEN BEAUTIFUL