They Who Were

They Who Were by Todd Sanders, from LudiCreations and Passport Game Studios found at Goodwill in Moberly. “Who among the pantheon can win enough glory among their believers, so that their story can be passed down through the generations?”


Nox, a game by Steffen Brückner, from Passport Game Studios “Become the Master Trickster” found at the Goodwill in Moberly

Necronomicards Vol 1 rules variant for solo play demonstration

Necronomicards is “a competitive card game of horror, strategy, & luck” by Adam Hunt. Whilst waiting for Vol 2 to arrive in the mail yesterday, but it got delayed until this weekend, I created a quick rules variant to allow for solo play.

Necronomicards by Andy Hunt

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Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game from Fabricate may be of interest, and is available as a physical copy as well as a no-cost print and play version.

Fast, Fun and Endlessly ENJOYABLE

We created Expedition so that anyone can enjoy roleplaying, whether this is your first RPG or you’re a D&D veteran.

After years of playing traditional RPG games like Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, we realized that roleplaying shouldn’t have to take forever. It shouldn’t need hundreds of pages of rules, and you shouldn’t need a math degree to create a character.

Roleplaying should be about having fun together.

If you agree, you’re going to love Expedition: The Roleplaying Card Game.