Tag: horror

  • Fort Nights with Rigaroga

    Spring has sprung like a trap on the ceiling, so time for some Fort Nights with your DJ Rigaroga Fortnite by People Can Fly and Epic Games Intro track is Ultra Pink by Nadine Rigaroga is a technologist lost in the wilderness, having adventures in geekery and nerdy mishegoss. The Odd Order is a place…

  • Necronomicards Vol 1 rules variant for solo play demonstration

    Necronomicards is “a competitive card game of horror, strategy, & luck” by Adam Hunt. Whilst waiting for Vol 2 to arrive in the mail yesterday, but it got delayed until this weekend, I created a quick rules variant to allow for solo play. Necronomicards by Andy Hunt Rigaroga is a technologist lost in the wilderness,…

  • Pathologic 2

    Pathologic 2, in development by Ice-Pick Lodge, was just announced by tinyBuild, and you can add it to your Steam wishlist. Pathologic 2 is an open world survival horror game set in a town being consumed by plague. As the only sane medic around, it’s up to you to save everyone you can.

  • Frontier of the Dark

    Frontier of the Dark by A Bertram Chandler “In space the moon is always full”