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  • “And it’s not like that in the Klingon world. We’re all just trying to stay sane.”

    ‘Star Trek: Discovery’: How A Klingon Expert Was Essential To Creating The Most Authentic Portrayal Yet. Executive producer Alex Kurtzman, star Kenneth Mitchell, and “the best Klingon speaker in Canada” reveal the level of detail that went into every moment the warrior race was on screen.—Liz Shannon Miller, IndieWire “It would’ve felt very inauthentic, and…

  • Heghlu’meH QaQ jajvam!

    Looks like Klingon on Duolingo is finally nearing release, planned for Sept 15th. On launch, Klingon joins Esperanto and, also recently released, High Valyrian in the elite conlang learning club for English speakers. (Duolingo also recently released both Japanese and Korean, and conversation bots for several languages, which are all pretty awesome as well.) To…

  • The Covenant of the Crown

    The Covenant of the Crown by Howard Weinstein “Will the Klingons rule at last?” “A magnificent new Star Trek novel!”