Ironsworn map size comparisons

Back in 2020, if I recall correctly, Shawn Tomkin mentioned something that gave me a scale for the Ironsworn map, and, although I don’t recall more about what was said, I did go and make some scale comparisons to Middle Earth, a few real world maps, and also Greyhawk for fun, and since there were some discussions online about trying to conceptualize the size of the Ironlands, these might be helpful, or at least interesting.

Since then I deleted and then recreated my Twitter account, [and deleted it again, again!] so those aren’t online anywhere I can point to anymore. Welp, okay. Here they are!

I started with the comparison between Middle Earth and the Ironlands.

Ironsworn to Middle Earth

And here’s the distance from the Shire to Mount Doom, as the crow flies.

Ironsworn to Middle Earth as the crow flies

Then, I did some comparisons to real world maps. There’s a bunch, so here’s a gallery.

Finally, because I’m an old school nerd, I also did one last comparison, between Ironlands and the Greyhawk region of Oerth.

Ironsworn to Greyhawk region of Oerth

Make Automatic Dungeon Maps

Check out this interesting discussion about the use for maths for generation of dungeons from Occupy Math at Make Automatic Dungeon Maps

Occupy Math is a member of the IEEE Computational Intelligence Society’s Technical Committee on Games. What this means is that now that games are a multi-billion dollar industry, Occupy Math can use the stuff he learned refereeing Dungeons and Dragons ™ in his academic research. While Occupy Math works on mathematical games like prisoner’s dilemma and rock-paper-scissors, he also has managed to build an automatic dungeon designer for simple role playing game modules. Here is a map built by one of Occupy Math’s algorithms. The algorithm assembles tiles according to a plan to make a really big map.