NYNG Conan

Modiphius just added a bundle of four digital books for their 2d20 game Conan: Adventures in Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of with a pretty good 46% discount, currently from $55.96 down to $29.99. This appears to be part of DTRPG’s “Why Not Try A Game You Haven’t Played Before” promotion, so presumably will not last forever, and perhaps only as long as the New Year sale for another 8 days.

Modiphius Robert E Howard Conan roleplaying game

The bundle includes the core book, player’s guide, Conan the Thief, and Conan: Jeweled Thrones of the Earth, so definitely everything you need to get started and going.

Conan Adventures released!

Modiphius has now released print versions of the core Conan Adventures books, including regular, limited and player’s guide editions, a first set of adventures, and dice set to the general public. This is a 2d20 game that was crowdfunded, but is now available at retailers and in print to everyone.

These are also available digitally if you’d rather, all but the dice and limited edition, of course. But there’s also a QSR download if you want to check it out right now, by Crom!