Summary for the month of August 2022

Another month, and I still did some stuff. Not a lot, but some.

Big news, I suppose, to be fair, is that I might get to 666 followers on YouTube in September. Maybe. Probably? IDEK. I’ve given up trying to understand it. It’s a mystery of life. But, as it stands, as I write this, I’m at 662.

Rigaroga Odd Order 662 YouTube subscribers end of August 2022

So, you know, unless something really strange happens (on the other hand, why wouldn’t it be strange?) … I’ll hit 666 next month. That means I’ll post something to the channel. I don’t entirely know what, but it will happen. Maybe. Probably? Yeah.

Looking over the last year, which is almost how long I’ve been on my current hiatus and not posting videos, my analytics are almost the same from day to day, week to week and month to month. But, it’s wild that I still gained a net +123 subscribers, albeit with some churn.

(Also, as an aside, I find it completely surreal that when I get a new subscriber and check them out, out of curiosity and to sanity check they aren’t awful enough to preemptively block, I find that just about everyone else they subscribe to has 10s or 100s of thousands of subscribers, or more. I’m, like, there, in the mix, with less than a thousand amongst all these others. It seems so friggin’ weird that there’s so much parallax and how out of place I seem. It’s all surreal, tbh.)

Rigaroga  Odd Order YouTube totals year end of August 2022

Also, I notice that over 90% of the people watching my videos don’t subscribe. 90% of my watch time comes from people that don’t subscribe. There’s however a slight increase in average view duration for subscribers over non subscribers, but that average is still very low; and that seems to end up true whether my video is long or short: people don’t watch for long either way.

Rigaroga Odd order YouTube subscribed vs not subscribed year end of August 2022

However, compared to the previous year, there is a visible drop. Significant but not tragic. There’s a 20% drop in total views, almost 40% drop in total watch time. But, even with that, there’s still not that much difference in average watch time.

Rigaroga Odd order YouTube subscribed vs not subscribed year-over-year end of August 2022

Yeah, but I don’t actually know what any of it means except that it really still feels like nothing I did whilst I was doing it made much difference from what happens if I just stop and do nothing. Right? I mean, maybe that’s just what it looks like and feels like at the middle of the long tail, but still (and let’s not talk about how according to Keymailer I was actually in the 90+ percentile across all their accounts?! That’s a whole lot of people doing worse analytically than me, innit?). It sucks for me to realize what seems to be just the inescapable futility of it all, in the grand scheme. Very few people watch what I post whether I’m posting stuff or not. If I’m not willing to change what I post, then I don’t see how that’s going to ever change; but if the way to change is to cater to the algorithm or be something I’m not and I’m not posting the things I want to post then I’m not going to do it.

Enough of that crap. Anyhow, that’s a glimpse at where my head is as I contemplate coming back for another video to mark 666 subscribers.

At the beginning of the month I posted a couple things to the blog. But, not much after that. I’ve also completely slowed down on my geeky social account. Not much done, not much to say, I guess.

That’s all there is for the last month.

Summary for the month of July 2022

Another month, and I actually did some stuff. But, spoiler alert, probably pretty much all but the end of doing stuff again, if I’m honest.

I finished my appearance on someone else’s live stream actually playing Ironsworn: Starforged co-op. We managed 8 total episodes in the end, though the last one was only a super quick wrap-up, but we did reach a finale all in all. If you watched any of them, thanks! Moreover, I hope you enjoyed them. And, thanks to Meandeef, Dice T, and Hyenaplus for the surprise chance to play in a group. Go check ’em out, and consider giving ’em each a follow in all the places.

One realization is that for new groups playing like this, we probably should have set an expectation from the beginning around an episode goal. Both as a way of saying that we’re planning on some number of episodes, meaning that way there’s a reasonable commitment to play for a certain time, but also that there’s no lock-in to play forever without some end in sight. The idea demonstrated in the brief finale episode of having up to 10 episodes in a season and using the number of episodes completed as a progress track seems like a cool one to me. That way there’s a built-in mechanism for ending things and a prompt for finding out what happened; plus an incentive to make it to at least 6 episodes so there’s a better chance for the season to come out narratively a strong or weak hit for each character. Watch the short finale for how that worked at the table, and let me know if you end up using that idea and how it works for you!

I should mention where I’m at with that the off-hand mention that I’d post at least one video to my channel if I reach 666 subscribers on YouTube. As it stands, as I write this, I’ve got 648±. That’s still a pretty good number of new subscribers from this month for someone that’s not doing anything. At this rate, if it were to continue the same, it’ll maybe be only a month or two more before I reach the point of doing that bonus milestone video. I had some ideas of what I might do, but if you’re reading this and have thoughts about what you’d like to see for this one encore, let me know!

For some inscrutable and incomprehensible reason I updated my old looking for group page. Not that I’m actually looking. I’m totally not. Nope. But … call me maybe.

I had written a whole bunch more whiny navel-gazing BS here, but I just couldn’t stand to leave it in. No one, especially not me, wants to read myself talking about that shit. Suffice it to say, as a small time creator who’s essentially given up after feeling for too long like I’ve only been howling into the void, if you like what I’ve done, then make some noise. I can’t stand to hear myself say any more than that about it.

Oh, and, at the last minute, just under the wire, I got something in the mail. Yay!

And, that’s all there is for the foreseeable future. Unless something truly unexpected happens, I’ll probably not post again here before I reach that YouTube milestone at some point. Until then, and after that again, back to being on indefinite hiatus!

Summary for the month of June 2022

Another month, and I did some stuff. Mainly I did one thing several times, with a little variety in how I did it.

I appeared on someone else’s live stream actually playing Ironsworn: Starforged co-op. I also did some intertable communication, as I’m wont to do, and that I advocate people do too in their own games with others, between the character I play in that co-op game and a character I played in my solo game. As of the end of this month, the co-op playlist has about 20 hours of actual play archived, so consider checking it out.

As I write this, the amusing distraction of watching the subscriber count for my channel on YouTube fall trippingly up
toward 666 has been two steps forward and one step back. There’s progress as people hitch a ride along but also people fall off the wagon along the way. The current total is 635±. That’s about 10 more since last month, which if that trend holds there’s another 3 months until goal, but it does seem to have slowed down. I’ll still post something new to my channel if I get to 666, but it feels pretty remote to me still. Kinda strange that the trend has slowed after I started participating in an actual play, where one might have thought it would pick up a bit, but what do I know: I’ve never figured out why people do or don’t follow or watch anything I do anyway. I vaguely have another goal in mind, ready for after that possible future milestone, but I’m mostly at this point just amused watching what happens.

Also, don’t forget that I’m actually kinda active at @[email protected] over in the ‘verse, so follow along if you’ve already got an account, or create an account on any instance to join in!

That’s it. It’s something, at least?

Summary for the month of May 2022

I have not posted a summary since October 2021 where I talk about throwing in the towel. After that, I was still and only posting Omnium Gatherum, but stopped doing even that in April.

Since then, I’ve also completely left big social media as Rigaroga altogether, even deleted my vestigial re-created account on birdsite. However, I did relatively recently create a new Rigaroga account for myself to contain my geeky things on a particular instance of Hometown, a fork of Mastodon, in the ‘verse. Join me there, from any instance in the ‘verse, if you want.

Furthermore, if you have any interest in more Omnium Gatherum, you could check out Omnium Gatherum which is also on my instance, a raw, eclectic firehose of things that might end up in curated OG posts on the Hermetic Library blog exclusive to library Patrons for a year, after which I make them public.

Also, out of the blue, I’ve started to participate in a new weekly co-op Ironsworn: Starforged actual play, and we’ve got several sessions so far, maybe more for as long as we keep going. Our current schedule is to livestream Saturdays at 3pm US/Central over on Mean Deef and Dice T‘s twitch channels, if you want to watch. Only the first session has shown up on YouTube, but the others will theoretically appear there too. I also sat down with one of my co-players for a conversation I’ve posted.

I currently am hovering around 629± subscribers on YouTube. I seem beyond any expectation to still be gaining a few subscribers each month. I’ve been telling myself that if I somehow reach 666 subscribers at some point in the indeterminate future between now and whenever I die, that I’d come back and post at least one more video to mark the milestone. However, I have no plans to come back on the regular atm, either way, just to set expectations. But, if you want that kind of thing, and aren’t subscribed, then do the thing.

That’s all I’ve got for now, and that’s pretty much all that’s happened between my last update and the end of May that I can think of worth mentioning.

Summary for the month of October 2021

I burned out.

I don’t know if I’m going to keep going but definitely not for a while. And, if I ever do more new videos, I’m not going to bother trying to do livestreams whilst I record them. I think I’m completely done with live streaming now.

I don’t know what will happen to this blog if I completely stop. I might just leave it, or at some point I might fold it into my personal blog, which I’ve not done anything with for years now either. But, they could be together and “sit in solemn silence in a dull, dark dock, in a pestilential prison, with a life-long lock”.

But, I’m just done. I can’t even. My very first stream was way back in Sept 2014. I just can’t end up having been doing this shit for 10 years, admittedly off and on, and nothing to show for it. And that’s what it will be if I keep trying with it until 2024, just around the corner. I’m clearly not going to find an audience. I’m either not doing what people want to watch, or not willing to do what needs to be done to get people to watch what I do. I’m just smashing my head against concrete for no reason. So, preemptively before reaching a decade, and finally after almost a decade, fuck it.

Anyhow, instead of streaming and posting videos this last month, I tried for a lot of October to try to pay for seats at games online, but off-camera. The first one was a one-shot that went okay. The second one was a two-shot that went pretty great. I thought at that point maybe things would go well, so I tried to schedule and play a bunch more. But, no, things got shitty and nothing else worked out. So, yeah, still not able to play well with others, I guess, for whatever and various reasons.

Anyhow, I did a little bit of stuff on YouTube. What stuff I did was in a single live stream, now unlisted. But, I edited and posted some stuff from that as separate videos.

Not that it matters, but there it is. *shrug*

Summary for the month of September 2021

I did some stuff on YouTube. What stuff I did were live streams, now unlisted. I mostly tried to live stream as close to 6:66am Central on Tuesdays and Thursdays as I could manage, until I got tired or too hot, usually a few hours. Toward the end of the month I’ve gotten a bit burned out from the early morning live stream idea, and skipped the last Thursday to catch up on other stuff I needed to do, and I don’t know what’s going to come of all that but it’s feeling like it is changing again. Some portions of some live streams got posted as archives. Here’s what I posted of what I did.

Off camera, I participated in an introductory one-shot curated play session for Magpie Games’ Avatar Legends. (I’m signed up for another one, this time a two-shot, this weekend.) Went pretty well, and seems like a neato PbtA system, enough so that I’m curious about their other games, like Urban Shadows and even Root, which I skipped paying attention to because it didn’t seem like a game I’d ever play solo. But, the Avatar session was conducted on Foundry, and was on a day and time that really worked well for me; and turned out fun enough that I started to think I might try playing in groups again, maybe? If I do though, I doubt those will be recorded or broadcast, so it’ll all be off camera.

Yeah. That’s it. ::shrug::

Summary for the month of August 2021

I did some stuff on YouTube. What stuff I did were live streams, now unlisted. I mostly tried to live streamed at 6:66am Central on Thursdays, until I got tired or too hot, usually a few hours. I also did live stream randomly on some Tuesdays at 6:66am Central, but that was a fluke (or was it?!). I think I’ve now changed my mind and given up on Saturdays, preferring Thursdays as my most likely day streaming. I didn’t stream any video games this month. For some reason Geforce Now on my nVidia Shield won’t work correctly since the last update, and I haven’t been able to fix it. Some portions of some live streams got posted as archives. Here’s what I posted of what I did.

Yeah. That’s it. ::shrug::

Summary for the month of July 2021

I did some stuff on YouTube. What stuff I did were live streams, now unlisted. I mostly live streamed at 6:66am Central on Saturdays, until I got tired or too hot, usually a few hours; or the one weekend where I was getting a new roof installed so streamed later on Sunday instead. I also did live stream randomly on some Thursdays at 6:66am Central, but that was a fluke (or was it?!). Some portions of some live streams got posted as archives. Here’s what I posted of what I did.

Yeah. That’s it. ::shrug::

Summary for the month of June 2021

Welp. That’s it. After trying for a little while again, and having less than 1 viewer on average, I’ve finally given up on Twitch streaming permanently. I’ll still be posting videos on YouTube, I think, sometimes, maybe, and I’ve actually done a few live streams. However, I have only been doing live streams on YT set to become unlisted after they end, so they disappear, even if they don’t vanish completely. Catch ’em if you can randomly find me live, I guess.

Mostly that’s what’s new. I’m not sure if it makes much sense to keep this blog going, but then I haven’t been sure of that for a long time. IDEK.

Mostly this month has been about being too damned hot along with constant, pretty much daily, thunderstorms, flood warnings. There’s also been a few power outages and dealing with trying to get repairs to the house.

Other than a few live streams that are now unlisted, I’ve only posted 2 videos publicly, both in the last few days, and I’ve not done any actual tabletop / board game playing. Honestly, I start to get things ready and just give up, and have other things I have to do. Just not happening right now, still, again. Whatever.

Yeah. That’s it. ::shrug::

Summary for the month of May 2021

At the very end of April, I had brand new 1 Gbps Internet installed. I celebrated by actually live streaming for the first time since August 2019. Mostly I live streamed actual play of Ironsworn: Starforged but also played a lot of Destiny 2, and a little bit of No Man’s Sky and Outward.

My current tabletop streaming setup is pretty much the same as it was back in August 2019, but I did add, in May, a chroma background, which works mostly. My lighting is crappy, so it doesn’t work as well as it should, but it’s fine.

For live streaming games, I use to play on my Mac (iMac, Retina 5K, 27-inch, 4.2 Ghz i7, 64 GB RAM, Radeon Pro 580 8 GB), either native or using Parallels to run Windows on a virtual machine. I’ve given up on that. I picked up an extra screen that was on sale (Sceptre 27″ IPS QHD 144Hz), an Elgato HD 60 S+, and an HDMI splitter. Then I hooked all that up to my old Nvidia Shield TV, and plug in a keyboard and mouse. Then, I play games I own on Steam or Epic through GeForce Now on the device, and capture that to OBS on my Mac through the Elgato. It works pretty darned well, I must say. I also picked up a chat link cable, but, for some reason, that doesn’t work at all, so if I’m streaming I can’t yet use in-game voice chat in things like Destiny 2. The audio for chat has to go through the controller, but if I do that then the audio doesn’t reach OBS at all. But, that’s fine. I just listen to the audio routed through OBS as I play, without voice chat.

I signed up for the GeForce Now service, so I get priority access to virtual machines, and RTX is turned on. It’s pretty! And works better than trying to play on my Mac whilst also streaming from it. As someone without funds to get a real PC just to play games, this is an amazing solution. And the streaming works great, and there’s plenty of bandwidth for all of it!

Speed test 28apr2021 new fiber

The major downside, however, is that I really can’t play indie games anymore. I can only play what I have access to through GeForce Now, which is not small, but certainly precludes a lot of my library. But, what I do have access to includes a lot that I couldn’t even try to play before. So, it’s a trade off.

At some point this month, I bit the bullet and recreated a Twitter account. I found that I kept going back to Twitter to check on news from particular accounts, so I created a private account where I only have a list of those accounts I want news from; and I neither accept follows nor follow directly anyone else. It is my compromise. Without followers, I’m not tempted to lie to myself that tweets reach someone, that I’m not howling into an empty void. So, that’s where that is. (And, here I am howling into a different void. FML.)

Also, I heard about a replacement for the old Project Wonderful scrappy ad auction site, which I used to run over on Hermetic Library for a long time. I always liked being able to offer ad spaces that were more indie and open to people jumping in that wouldn’t really do so otherwise. So, I signed up and added an ad space to this blog through the ComicAd Network. The focus is less about books and writing, so doesn’t really work well for Hermetic Library like PW did, but the game and nerdy Odd Order blog does fit, even if there’s not much traffic. It’s neat to see what interesting and wacky stuff show up!

Yeah. What else?! Idek. That’s what comes to mind.


I started to stream tabletop / actual play every Thursday 4:20pm–6:66pm US/Central. Other streams were entirely random, but probably a lot more than I will stream in June. I’m vaguely thinking about scheduling a video game stream on Saturdays 6:66am–4:20pm, but I’m not sure yet. If I had people watching, I would take it more seriously, but that’s chicken-and-egg …

Twitch analytics May 2021

Anyhow, for May 2021, I had an average of 0.9 viewers, gained 1 follower, have 0 subscribers, made $4.03 ($4 from cheers, and 3¢ from ads), and streamed for a total of 58 hours. Sad, but true.

I decided to only archive my actual play videos to YouTube, so the video game streams will stay on Twitch and expire in a week or two after they are live.

Ironsworn: Starforged Actual Play Series

Here’s the series so far, archived to YouTube:

Here’s other videos and archived streams for May 2021