I’ve been watching tweets about Starmancer for a while now, and it has always looked really awesome and interesting. But just now, today, the crowdfunding campaign has started.

You are a Starmancer, a human who has irreversibly fused their brain and body into a machine.

You play these games for the stories that you can tell about your station. We want to place you in a living world that feels tangible and gives your station purpose, without restricting your freedom of choice.

We also designed Starmancer around the idea of consequences, “cause and effect”. When something bad happens, it should be because you failed to prevent it. It’s not fun when a random dice roll causes your colony to fail. You should be able to learn from your mistakes.

Paint the Future

New trailer for Chevy Ray’s Ikenfell featuring the track Paint the Future. Also, apparently, I’ve been mispronouncing this game title? Oops.

With a brand new song by Aivi Tran & Surasshu!
Vocals & lyrics by Sammus!

In this turn-based RPG with a tactical twist, you’ll explore a vast magic school full of colorful characters, monsters, puzzles, and mysteries!

Dungeon Solitaire: Devil’s Playground

Dungeon Solitaire: Devil’s Playground is a new crowdfunding effort for a “dungeon-delving adventure game with custom illustrated cards.” It’s by Matthew Lowes with illustrations by Josephe Vandel, and is a follow-up to the tarot-like card game Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls.

A new Dungeon Solitaire game,
Where your soul is the devil’s playground …

Dungeon Solitaire is a narrative fantasy card game. With each turn you defeat monsters, disarm traps, and open doors as you delve the depths of a dark dungeon. The original game, Tomb of Four Kings, used a standard deck of playing cards, and is still available free on my website. The followup tarot game, Labyrinth of Souls, was launched with a hugely successful Kickstarter. That game has gone on to win even more fans and has inspired a series of stand-alone novels published by ShadowSpinners Press. Now we’re launching a new Dungeon Solitaire game called Devil’s Playground!

Dungeon Solitaire: Devil’s Playground is a new stand-alone Dungeon Solitaire game that can also be used as an expansion deck for the Dungeon Solitaire: Labyrinth of Souls tarot card game. The game is once again designed and written by Matthew Lowes and illustrated by artist Josephe Vandel. Delve into the deepest corner of the darkest dungeon with the Devil’s Playground stand-alone game, or use the Devil’s Playground cards and rulebook to expand your Labyrinth of Souls games in a variety of ways. You will experience new challenges and unexpected surprises with every delve.

Soundscapes from the Underground

Soundscapes from the Underground, presented by Ratking, written & produced by Satyr Productions, is a new release that may be of interest.

Hear me, Paladins! Come hither, mighty Barbarians! Eyes to me, Rangers, Rogues, Priests, and Mages! Tary, please, and stay with me a while as I play for you a melody of subterranean adventure. The sounds of underground seas teaming with vicious finned and many-teethed water beasts. Moaning stones that reflect the sounds of dwarven craft, deep Stygian voids which obscure the most terrible and unmentionable of dark and evil things, and the muted, grating sound of chains being drug across the craggy jagged floors of some unseeable, unknowable depth. Close your eyes and do your best to keep your wits as I sing to you the Soundscapes of the Underground.

This 36-track album contains over 10-hours of enemy-, mood-, and location-specific music meant to enhance your underground campaigns and immerse your players in the game. Written and Produced entirely by Satyr Productions and released in partnership with Rat King Games, this first foray into tabletop gaming music is intended to be the first of many and is offered to the fantasy role-playing community as proof we can deliver some of the best sound in the business. If well-received, more will follow. Enjoy!

A NOTE ON USE: If you’re a streamer and you want to use this music in your game, we only request that you credit us. We repeat: if you buy this album, you can use it to make other things. There are SOME very reasonable restrictions. They are outlined in the license agreement included in your purchase. Please read it.

ICRPG Worlds and Maps

ICRPG Worlds from Runehammer Games was just released.

I helped provide feedback and copyediting for some of this book, so I got a sneak peek at it already. There’s a lot of cool new material to expand on existing Index Card RPG settings, Alfheim and Warp Shell, but this book also includes the entirely new weird west setting, Ghost Mountain. Some of that will be useful no matter what setting you use at your table, but there’s also Advanced Character options with some really fun and interesting Milestone Paths, essentially talent trees, for you to consider adding too.

I recommend the PDF version, which will include updates to the text over time, as was also true for the Index Card RPG Core Set, but there’s also hardcover and softcover if you’re really set on getting the book in print as it is initially released. If you go for the print version, I believe would be making a mistake if you didn’t grab the PDF bundle so you do get future updates.

ICRPG Worlds


The long-awaited, fan-built, campaign play tested companion to the best-selling INDEX CARD RPG Core Set is jam packed with adventures, maps, monsters, lore, equipment, and dungeons!

THREE COMPLETE SETTINGS cover fantasy, epic science fiction, and the supernatural fun of the weird west.

ALFHEIM: 16 complete kingdoms with maps, dungeons, travel conditions, monsters and friendly NPCs to run your giant fantasy sandbox game.

WARP SHELL: 36 complete adventure concepts, with encounters, power armor rules, monsters, one-shots and full campaigns.

GHOST MOUNTAIN: An expansive campaign story with all new character classes, equipment, LOOT table, monsters, conditions, and firearm rules. Replace your dice with a poker deck and get ready to bleed, because the weird west is a deadly place.

GIGANTIC MAPS: Your WORLDS purchase includes three enormous world maps (JPG FORMAT) that can be printed as big as your entire gaming table. Hundreds of locations and hidden details to discover. If you’d like professionally printed map posters, check out the WORLDS POSTER PACK.

ADVANCED CHARACTERS: For players, WORLDS includes an all new system called MILESTONE PATHS to get that long-term, customizable character progression we all know from other games. Mix and match PATHS to create a unique build for your class, and give your characters that deep, long-term growth you crave.

There is also ICRPG WORLDS Map Posters newly released.

This includes three maps, one for each of the settings in Worlds, on glossy 12″x18″ sheets.

Iris: Adventure Game

Iris: Adventure Game is “a tabletop roleplaying game set in a sci-fi universe full of color and exploration.” That note about colour is not in passing. There is an interesting colour wheel mechanic, with cooperative power ups, that plays an important and central part of the game design.

Iris is currently in alpha playtesting, just having sent out invites in the last couple of days. There’s an introductory adventure available when you sign up for their email list and an alpha playtest campaign for which you can apply, participate, and help out with feedback.

I ran into this randomly on Instagram because they posted an image of a play map using Cecil Howe’s Hex Kit, and it caught my eye. They’ve licensed these colourful tiles for use in the game. It is a good match and definitely got my attention.


Every action has a consequence. Designed for engaging and strategic combat, Iris: Adventure Game does away with attack rolls and stat ceilings so that you fully control your character. Balance the tension of protecting yourself or aiding your team to overcome foes, puzzles and skilled negotiations.

Grab some friends, and play. Stop worrying about several hundred pages to read, managing countless rules and buying expensive figurines (well okay, confession: we love the mini figs, too). Iris: Adventure Game is written to be easily accessible, with one rulebook that provides lore, characters and guidelines while also encouraging ample freedom to tailor your adventure to your play group.

See it all. A fully integrated color mechanic allows your characters to manipulate the Source Colors and produce powerful combos. Coordinate your team’s efforts to empower each player’s abilities beyond their own potential. Be rewarded for smart gameplay, and feel the struggle of triumphing against overwhelming odds.

John Carter of Mars Quickstart

Modiphius just released a QSR for their upcoming 2d20 John Carter of Mars tabletop roleplaying game, which is currently crowdfunding. Check it out!

Modiphius John Carter of Mars QSR

Flags over Mars!

This short FREE Quickstart adventure is designed to allow play­ers to take on the role of heroes from the John Carter of Mars stories as they encounter perilous adventures on Barsoom explore the rules of its 2d20 roleplaying system.

The adventure is set shortly after the events of A Princess of Mars and the decline of Helium’s long time rival, Zodanga. During this period, John Carter stays for years in Helium with his beloved Dejah Thoris, but few of his adven­tures during this time are described in Bur­rough’s work.

As the adventure begins, Carter is travelling with Dejah and several friends and allies by flier to meet with a delegation from a minor Red Martian kingdom, Voninka, that is seeking alliance with Helium. Voninka was a small satellite nation of Zodanga until the nation’s recent defeat at the hands of Helium. It now seeks new allies among Helium and its jeddak, a young but respected leader known as Corlan Nim, has requested a diplomatic meeting with representatives of Helium—the player heroes and their crew.

But all is not quite as it seems and this apparently simple diplomatic mission soon launches our heroes into a whirlwind adventure!

Prepare to experience the might and majesty of 2d20 adventures on the red planet in John Carter of Mars!